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Obverse protections

There are 14 security features placed on the obverse of banknotes, marked by lettes A - N:

A) Altering view of denomination and person

In the upper left corner, depending on the angle of the light it can be seen either portrait of a person at work or denomination printed in shimmering transparent ink.

B) Watermark

Below, next denomination is a watermark seen up to the light.

C) Intaglio digits

The denomination is rough to the touch and leaves traces of ink after rubbing.

D) Microperforation

It is very small microperforation seen up to the light.

E) Optically variable ink

The denomination is printed with the special ink. The digits changes color when the light fall on it from a different angle.

F) Ultraviolet digits

With UV light the banknot is divided into two parts - left and right. Numbers on the left side are dark while on the left side are bright. Just opposite are background colors.

G) Metallic optical ink

The numbers are glittering silvery while looking on the banknote from different angles.

H) Tilt effect

Denomnation seen only from front side with extremely sharp angle.

I) Transparent cross

On both sides of the banknote there is cross printed at exactly the same spot. However, the crosses have slightly different sizes. When seen up to the light you may see 2 crosses one in another.

J) Watermark

In upper right corner you may observe watermark (person) seen up to the light.

K) Lines

Small braided lines changing colors with different light angle.

L) Changing inscriptions

The numbers and monograms made on special silver foil seem to moving while looking from different angles.

M) Microtext

In the middle of banknote a text printed in extremely small size.

N) Symbol

Embossed symbol, rough to the touch, recognizable for blind persons. Each denomination has different symbol.