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Issuer of the Swiss francs is Swiss National Bank (SNB). The SNB issued seven series of banknotes between 1907 and 1984 years. Currently, the eighth serie of banknotes printed after 1995 is only legal tender of Switzerland. Banknotes of eighth serie are designed by Jörg Zintzmeyer.

Previous series have been withdrawn from circulation (seventh series developed in 1984 has been described as a reserve and never came into circulation and the few remaining notes of six serie must be replaced before 1 May 2020 because after that date will not be replaced and will become worthless).

SNB has three different requirements to be considered when designing new banknotes.

  1. First, the banknote must meet the security requirements. With the help of securities features, the public should be able to recognise genuine banknotes easily and to identify counterfeits. These security features must be difficult to forge. The rapid development of reproduction technology forces the SNB to ever-new adjustments of security features.
  2. Second, the banknote must be user-friendly. Users want banknotes that are easy to handle and to distinguish. They should also be tough and available in practical denominations.
  3. Third, banknotes should be aesthetically pleasing. The designer of a banknote, therefore, must try to reconcile the artistic design with the technicalities of user and security requirements.

Each banknote of the eight serie is different size. The banknotes have the bigger size the higher is the denomination. Generally, the layout of the banknotes is the same. On the obverse (front) and at the bottom of banknote there is a portrait of a famous person. This person at work is in the upper left corner of the banknote. On the reverse (behind) are located characteristic motifs and objects associated with the person.

Banknotes of eight serie: